If a tattoo is keeping you from the job you want, causing problems in your relationships, or has outlived its “cool factor,” we want you to know that laser tattoo removal “Makes Change Possible”!

Laser Tattoo Removal is the best way to remove a tattoo. We always get asked how it works and what makes laser removal different then other forms of tattoo treatment. Let’s start with the tattoo itself. When you get a tattoo, the cells in your body instantly recognize the ink as being something new that they want to destroy. Your cells actively work to get rid of the new ink. The problem is, the ink is so big and your cells are so small, they can’t really do the job effectively. That is where the laser comes in. The laser acts like a hammer to smash up the ink into tiny pieces that your cells can grab and take to your liver. The liver then breaks down the ink so your body can get rid of it. No other type of tattoo removal has the ink-breaking power of a laser.

Laser technology used to cost several hundred to thousands of dollars per treatment. Over time, the technology has improved and prices have come down. We charge $25 for an initial consultation. If you decide to move forward with laser treatment, we will apply the consultation fee to your first session. Prices start at $50 per session and go up from there depending on the size, intricacy and the amount of color in the tattoo. Typically, it takes 7 to 10 sessions to remove a tattoo. Each session is spaced about 6 to 8 weeks apart. We will give you your specific price per session during the consultation. El Paso Tattoo Removal charges by the session, but we only charge up to 10 sessions. That’s right! If you need more than 10 sessions, any treatment past the 10th session is on us. We do not have laser technicians. All of your treatments will be performed by our tattoo removal expert, Dr. David Williams.

Creams and home remedies will not remove your tattoo. The only way to effectively remove your ink is to use a laser. Starting the process is easy. Set up your appointment from our website or give us a call at 915.491.6346. Your fresh start is just a phone call away.




We will waive the cost of the consultation if you get your first treatment the day of the consultation.



Prices go up from there depending on size, the amount of ink and color of the tattoo.



We offer discounts for treating multiple tattoos at the same time.

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